I just had to come on and do a quick post on the new  All Fired Up lipstick from MAC. I got it yesterday and as soon I purchased it, I put it on and fell madly in love! I wore it all day yesterday and into today (I went out last night and didn’t take my makeup off) that’s how much I was feeling this lipstick.


It’s a retro matte lipstick which basically means it’s a little more drying than most MAC lipsticks but gives off amazing color payoff. Yall know already from my videos that I don’t like glossy lipsticks I have always preferred matte because you get more of an opaque color. To me my lips are already full so I don’t like to bring a whole lot of attention to the size of my  lips but more so the color….if that makes any kind of sense lol. So I don’t mind wearing matte lipsticks that are drying because the effect it gives on my lips out weighs everything. And because All Fired Up isn’t one of those extremely pale or extremely bright lipsticks, like Candy Yum Yum, it makes it a wonderful color to throw on for the day or night. I would describe the color of All Fired Up as bright fuchsia. At night I paired the lipstick with NYX’s lipliner  in Bloom (not pictured below) to help define my lips more.


If you haven’t tried the All Fired Up or any of the lipsticks from the Retro Matte Collection at MAC, I suggest you hurry up and go try them. Many of the lipsticks from the collection, which is also permanent, were sold out. I got lucky because All Fired Up was one of the two retro matte lipsticks that I needed to have in my life was still available…well until I purchased the last one from the counter hehe :)

2013-09-20 172

*without flash*

2013-09-20 17

*with flash*

Disclaimer: The retro matte lipsticks just like any other matte lipstick are drying and can bring out chapped lips, so be sure to exfoliate and moisturize well before applying!


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